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Click the image below to support "Sleepless: The Complete Collection on Kickstarter!


From the Kickstarter page:

Sleepless: The Complete Collection will be a special limited run hardcover of our completed 11-issue series, binding the entire story into a single 336-page volume that would look right at home in an ancient library, and will be available exclusively to our amazing Kickstarter backers.

Sleepless is a comic we are still passionate about and incredibly proud of. After 11 issues running between 2017 and 2018, and two trade paperbacks, we’re so lucky we got to see the story completed and are eternally grateful to Image Comics for originally publishing it.

We always wanted a printing where you could read Sleepless in one complete volume. Now that publishing rights are in our hands, this campaign hopes to do just that.

We hope you join us in seeing this dream come true!

Yours truly,

SLEEPLESS co-creators Leila del Duca and Sarah Vaughn

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