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Written by Jason Aaron, line art by Nick Dragotta, Alexandre Tefengki, and Leila del Duca. Colors by Lee Loughridge, Rico Renzi, and Tamra Bonvillain. Lettering by And World Design. Published by BOOM! Studios.

The lifetime-spanning final chapter of Jason Aaron’s post-apocalyptic adventure plagued by romance and tragedy, hope and loss.

NOT EVEN IF YOU’RE THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH. Braving the wasteland apart feels unthinkable, yet here Maceo and Mezzy are, isolated on a world breathing its last breaths. Join each on their separate journeys through the darkest, apocalyptic pits of depression–two wayward sides of a coin. Old age at the end of the world is as stark and brutal as it sounds for Mezzy and Maceo, as two people that were once so important to each other are chasms apart. But when a group of ravagers steal technology from one of Maceo’s partners with the intent to hasten the end of earth itself… two former lovers will find themselves stitched together by fate. If they make it out alive… if everyone makes it out alive, will Mezzy and Maceo find love again? Perhaps peace lies elsewhere… Collects Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #11-15.

Volume 3 Available in the Fall of 2024!

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